Fibre Fusion UK Modern Slavery Statement

Fibre Fusion is committed to combatting modern slavery in all forms and is a strong supporter of initiatives that aim to prevent, detect and remediate cases of human exploitation. We are absolutely clear that we have zero tolerance for any form of modern slavery within our business or our supply chain.

We understand the importance of ensuring that modern slavery does not exist in our organisation or in the organisations with which we do business. We take our responsibility seriously: We conduct due diligence on suppliers, review risk assessments regularly, ensure our staff are trained to identify red flags, and implement checks in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

At Fibre Fusion, we adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout our entire value chain when it comes to preventing forced labour, child labour and other exploitative practices. This applies to all employees – from senior management down – as well as sub-contractors who are doing work on behalf of us.

We also require that all bulk materials used in production be sourced ethically and without involving human exploitation. We monitor conditions at every stage of production, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and product distribution networks. And we will continue to develop policies and procedures designed to guard against exploitation practices.

Fibre Fusion encourages transparency across its operations and strongly believes that anyone who has information about instances of modern slavery should report it internally through their Whistleblowing Policy which outlines how they can safely communicate their concerns without fear of reprisal or prejudice. This can be accessed via emailing; in writing at 46 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, London SW14 7EZ UK.

Our commitment against modern slavery means that we expect each employee to contribute their own efforts – whether raising awareness among colleagues them or engaging wholesalers willing to meet our strict standards–to ensure compliance with anti-slavery laws wherever possible across Fibre Fusion’s value chain