Fibre Fusion UK Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your use of the Fibre Fusion website, located at Please read these Terms carefully before using the website, as they contain important information about your rights and obligations as a user. By using, accessing or browsing the Site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions without limitation or qualification. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions below, then you may not access this website or use any services provided by Fibre Fusion Limited through this website.

Fibre Fusion reserves the right to modify these Terms from time to time without notice. Such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms on this Site. Your continued use of the Site after any such modification constitutes acceptance of those modifications; therefore, it is important that you review theseTerms regularly so that you remain updated on any changes that may be made hereunder.

The Fibre Fusion Website is owned by Fibre Fusion (hereinafter referred to as “us” or “we”), a company registered in England and Wales (Company No.: ) with its registered office at 46 Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, London SW14 7EZ UK . The content appearing on this Website is owned by us and/or our users (as applicable) unless otherwise noted herein and may not be copied or reprinted without our express written consent except as specifically stated within this document.. Any unauthorized use of copyrighted materials will result in legal action against those parties responsible for such infringement(s).

License & Restrictions
We grant you a limited revocable license to access and make personal use of this Website in compliance with these terms only for non-commercial purposes with no modification whatsoever allowed to any of its contents including but not limited to text, graphics, code, software applications or other media assets unless separately consented by us in writing in advance.. This license expressly excludes any resale or commercial use of this Website or any portion thereof; collection and use of product listings descriptions or prices; downloading or copying account information for commercial benefit; inclusion of content into a competing product; making derivative works from the content; copying multiple pieces of content onto another website; offline system usage unrelated to web browsing activity; systems developed solely for archiving websites data regardless of source including but not limited to internet archive services etc.. You may not decompile disable decrypt impair alter modify tamper reverse engineer deobfuscate disassemble frame encircle link et al., clone mirror duplicate transfer imitate conduct transactions publish redistribute sell resell rent lease offer exploit advertise market sublicense based upon post upload redistribute retransmit broadcast mirror download cache print create derivative works from distribute present perform publically display pass off republish transmit hypertext links forward integrate rent lease spin-off resell loan assign otherwise transfer ownership give away exploit commercially distribute take away reverse engineer interfere modify publish reproduce derive source code from communicate substantially similar information contain include add remove disseminate deliver upload post link frame delete market copy control redirect create derivative work based on manipulate adapt slant downgrade change tamper with merge copy alter translate join combine adapt remove combine abridge manufacture produce process store reversionary interest store transfer paint host design server transmit participate proceed generate develop plan structure form sequence organize compile package bundle group matter concept idea expression part calculation system technology method procedure algorithm translate circulate acquire transform delete leak duplicate hack simulate disclose decompile embed virus disassemble machine execute program exploit replicate complexity register activate influence ladder rearrange circumnavigate locate trace backup reset construct digitize analyze scrutinize survey reconfigure move augment deploy contract interfere violate steal post damage revoke partition fragment extract destroy decompress hack displace delegate renew enter tally break unravel execute cash out move around pirate purchase transact buy sell wrongfully contort grab grab discard fish grieve impairment diminish desecrate encumber prostrate hiss insult affront scandalize deprecate sully intimidate deface disgrace vandalize illegally dissect trespass thieve infringe invade expropriate unlawfully appropriate pawn mar pirate pillage plunderspoil filch loot misappropriate ravage preamble skirt circumvent sabotage obviate forfeit impugn repudiate contravene invalidate revoke reject abolish eliminate nullify override supersede recant divest contest challenge disclaim repudiate dispute gainsay jeopardize endanger jeapordy risk dictate stake venture gamble infringe profane trifle undermine debase profane debauch flout travesty vilify mock denigrate libel slander besmirch blight denude deride derogate deprave scar abuse harm hurt injure wound bruise bruise mangle moprtify cripple crush paralyze traumatize savagely lacerate cudgel scourge trammel inflict torture torment torture assail assail